We're here to spread love.

A lot of us are going through it right now. It's never been easier to feel alone or inadequate. The least we can do is let people know that they are loved, they are supported, and there is a place for them in this world.

Who we are

The mission here is simple. We want to continue building the most supportive community in the world, and to play our part advancing the conversation of mental health.

You and I will be collaborating on clothing and the hope is that clothing will offer comfort to those who need it.

But the vision is much larger. 

We’ll be creating content that challenges the way many view mental health. The unfortunate truth is suicide is still the 10th highest killer in the US, so we’ll be saving 10% of all profits and with that, every year we’re going to throw a mental health “festival.” We want to offer a space where we can laugh together, dance together ,eat together, we’ll have speakers, games, food, music, but most importantly, we’re going to bring people together. We’re going to build a community that changes the world, one person at a time.

With COVID, it’s impossible to nail a date, but we’re hoping for late 2021 in Los Angeles.

We’re going to show that life is worth living, no matter how hard it gets.